Things Were Better Before

By Tim Fulker

Travelling with music you often end up having conversations with people on their own mad quests, creating beautiful and challenging works that with an unflinching eye, bravely scrutinise our experience of the world. And in these conversations you feel a kinship, that odd feeling of intimate friendship with a person or group of people you've only just met. What follows is a serendipitous breech of ideas, the brimming possibilities of collaboration.

The making of the music video for “Things were better before” was the result of one such chance meetings. Teaming up with animation and production company “Truckitrek”, of whom we met in the stunning hillside town Pennabilli, we have dreamt up a short film that is both beautiful in design and poignant in it’s message. It deals with environmental issues, specifically looking at the death of our oceans. The film portrays a brutal vision of a post apocalyptic world, the protagonist searches for a glimmer of hope but prospects are stark and the destruction is seemingly irreversible. By presenting such a terrible vision of the near future we hope this short film will serve as a “Wake-up machine” to those who view it, further encouraging “green” and sustainable thinking to a society who need to pay attention and affect real change.


Below are some behind the scenes shots from filming.

And check out these stills from the film - Look how beautifully made the puppets are.

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  • Hello, I LOVE THIS FILM !
    Un merveilleux travail technique, artistique… et une très bonne initiative dans le message de cette chanson. Thanks a lot


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