Dark Night of the Soul -Behind the scenes

By Tim Fulker

In a dystopian world, in which speech and feelings are heavily oppressed by a totalitarian state, a passenger must escape a train going nowhere to deliver a letter to his beloved.This Orwellian-inspired music video consists of striking colours, designs and imagery.



Check out how Marnik Loysen made the film.


ABOUT Marnik Loysen

Marnik Loysen is a British stop-motion animator and filmmaker based in Bristol, UK. He studied animation at the Bristol School of Animation for one year before beginning his job at Aardman features. He has been a senior assistant animator on their last two feature films and most recent TV series.

Marnik received funding from Channel 4’s Random Acts scheme in 2016 to make the short “Invasion of the Giant Radioactive Killer Snail from Beyond,” which was shot at Aardman’s studio in Bristol.

More recently Marnik has been involved in the new independent stop-motion studio space called Hangar where he shot “The Dark Night of the Soul.”

Last year Marnik attended Animarkt Festival in Lodz, Poland, where he pitched his short film “Prime Cuts” and won two awards.

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  • Hello, chaque film est une expérience visuelle unique !
    Bravo Marnik et Tankus !


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